Mandarin Through Play (Holiday Programme)

At EduGrove, we have a fresh approach to teaching Mandarin! Our teachers ensure that the process of learning Mandarin will be fun and engaging in our holiday programme for children ages between 3 to 12 years old. Aside from class lessons, we also expose children to outdoor games that allow them to practice the language. Another important tool that we use is role-playing drama, as it helps to emphasize the meaning and usage of words and phrases. Our aim is to enhance their memory retention and to pique their interest! Our teachers push the students according to their strengths and weaknesses, keeping them motivated throughout the programme. It’s a great way for children to unwind and have fun while improving their Mandarin during the school holiday break! Lunch and snacks are provided to students. EduGrove prides to provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can become proficient in Mandarin through engaging in constructive play and creative activities. To learn more about our holiday programmes, please contact us at (65)6584 8489.