At EduGrove, we believe that every lesson should be delivered in a fun and interactive way. Even we as adults find it difficult to remain attentive for an entire meeting, what about a child listening to a lesson conducted in his or her 2nd language?

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught, our programmes put the emphasis on FUN! We use specially designed word games and improvisation drama as teaching tools to excite our students and to not only create an energetic and interactive learning environment, but also to promote repetition and aid long term memory retention.

We also believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all curriculum. While we implement a curriculum structure that is in accordance to the MOE syllabus, our teachers take the time to evaluate the dynamics of each class and the performance of every student. This allows our teachers to adjust the style and pace of lessons; creating a tailor-made lesson plan to get the best out of each class.

Our spacious classrooms and small group size allows plenty of space for the students to let their creative juices flow and have maximum fun as they learn. Many of our students who started off with a strong dislike for Mandarin now can’t wait to attend their next lesson with us!