June 2017 Holiday ProgrammeJune 2017 Holiday Programme

What is it?

Count on us at EduGrove to teach Mandarin in a dramatically new manner! Let your child embark on an adventurous learning journey during the June and Nov/Dec school holidays where he/she can unwind, have tons of fun and improve their Mandarin all at the same time!

Our Half-day and Full-day Holiday Programmes are specially designed to cultivate students’ interest in Mandarin, expand their vocabulary and improve their sentence structure through stimulating and engaging activities. They will also have a ball of a time immersing themselves in an all Mandarin environment while playing games and sports like football, badminton and table tennis! Lunch (Full-day attendees only) and snacks will be provided.

June 2017 Holiday Programme:

  • EduGrove June 2017 Holiday Programme
  • EduGrove June 2017 Holiday Programme
  • EduGrove June 2017 Holiday Programme
  • EduGrove June 2017 Holiday Programme
  • EduGrove June 2017 Holiday Programme

Underwater World 

This June, let your child unwind and relax with our ever-popular Mandarin Through Play Holiday Programme! This holiday, we are going to dive into the deep and limitless Underwater World where interesting creatures and the inspiring stories come to live!

Go behind each story and uncover the important values and lessons to learn. Your child will get to participate in games that help to expand their vocabulary and act out in role-playing dramas that strengthen their speech and sentence structures.

 Our primary school students will get plenty of practice on Oral presentation and Composition writing and bring home useful tips and techniques to prepare them for their upcoming examinations.

 No, we are not going to stop here! Join us in our full-day programmes where a host of sports and games are lined up, promising to make this 5-day programme the most extraordinary Mandarin learning experience they ever had! 

 What better way to learn and have FUN with their peers during this holiday?

Come and join us now!

Call us at 6584 8489 or email to enquiries@edugrove.com.sg for more details!

N1/N2: “等等,等等!”



K1/K2: “彩虹鱼”
(Rainbow Fish)



P1/P2: “佛劳利的冒险”
(Flowery’s Adventure)


P3/P4: “EduGrove’s
Environmental Ambassador”



P5/P6: PSLE Preparation



P2-P5: Reading and Reciting



Secondary Oral Workshop