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Chinese Holiday Programme - JUNE 2019

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What people say

Sara Jafri Mei Ying, Sec 2

I enjoy how at the start of every lesson, Wang Laoshi gets us to share any recent new we’ve heard/read and this gives us a platform to speak freely therefore helping to boost my confidence in speaking Chinese. During lesson, she always encourages us to attempt to answer any questions asked and makes sure that […]

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What people say

Mrs Sarah Chong Lee, Parent

My son have been with Edugrove since he was in K2 , and he have been with the centre for 2 years now. Lots of improvement I must say. Extremely recommended !

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What people say

Teoh Ning Ern, P2 HCL

I love to play word games and act out what we learn. Jia jia laoshi always makes us laugh alot when she acts in the drama. She is very gentle and always helps us when we have Chinese words we don’t know how to say or write. I think that the lessons has helped me […]

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What people say

Ryan Liew, P3

I enjoy the games more than the drama, and I think it is fun to learn Chinese by playing games. I like that Liu Laoshi is very funny and she tells me Chinese stories that are very interesting and funny. I have also improved in my composition and recently scored 95% for my higher chinese […]

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What people say

Ryan Lee Rui Yang, P4

I just joined EduGrove in February 2018 and am really happy that my Chinese results have improved to 82.5 for SA2. We learn Chinese words every week by playing games or doing drama activities. Laoshi is very amicable and explains to us thoroughly when we have questions about our worksheet practices. EduGrove is great because […]

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The EduGrove Methodology

At EduGrove, we believe that every lesson should be delivered in a fun and interactive way. If as adults we find it difficult to remain attentive for an entire meeting, imagine what it’s like for a child listening to a lesson conducted in their second language!

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught, our programmes put the emphasis on FUN!

To ensure that every element of learning is ENGAGING, FUN and most important of all, EFFECTIVE, we use specially designed word games, drama techniques including, improvisation and role-play, and stimulating discussion sessions during which students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our revolutionary methods, award-winning curriculum, and dedicated teachers have a proven track record of delivering results while igniting every student’s passion for learning the language…

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Best Chinese enrichment class Singapore

Why Choose Us

Learning at EduGrove is fun at every age and level.

Effective EduGrove Methodology that gets results.

Wide range of programmes to suit wide age range, levels and needs.

Our teachers – they’re the best! Highly qualified, masters of Standard Mandarin and converse fluently in English.

Curriculum closely aligned with MOE syllabus.

Small group sizes and spacious studios.

Strong teacher / parent communication at all times.

One-stop learning centre that cares for your child.

Award winning curriculum and methodology.

Voted by parents as one of the best Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore

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