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What people say

Mother of Jia Na (PlayGrove)

Dear Liu Laoshi & wang Laoshi, Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to the PlayGrove classes. You both always show such enthusiasm during lessons even when you have sung the same song many time already! I am really grateful for your commitment to only speaking Mandarin because that’s something I […]

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What people say

Mother of Choo Ying Hui P3

She recently scored 43.5/45 for her Chinese SA1 Paper 2! Chinese has been Ying Hui’s highest scoring subject ever since joining EduGrove in 2017, this is rather unusual as she usually reads/converses/writes in English, and the credit goes to EduGrove. Her teacher makes it a point to relate class lessons to daily situations and EVERY […]

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What people say

Mother of Claire Ang Wei Ning P5

Since starting at P1, Claire has blossomed under her teacher’s nurturing guidance and scored 85.5/90 for her recent Chinese SA1. The teacher has a very astute understanding of our daughter’s learning style & temperament. Claire looks forward to lessons especially since the games and activities are filled with FUN and laughter. Edugrove’s methodology really takes […]

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What people say

Mrs Wong, Mother of Jared Wong Hong Yu K1

Jared enjoyed his first lesson on Monday, that first lesson changed his whole perception of Chinese. He used to dislike Chinese but not anymore. He has been reading his Chinese booklet to me almost every night and even carries it around with him everywhere. He said, “Mummy, you are right! This Chinese class is fun!”

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What people say

Nicodemus Lim Jia Yang P3

“EduGrove makes learning more fun for students by learning through exciting activities, and they are able to adapt better. We learn new keywords through drama games and this makes it easier for us to remember them. In my opinion, it is a good place to learn Chinese as my results have increased and now I […]

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The EduGrove Methodology

At EduGrove, we believe that every lesson should be delivered in a fun and interactive way. If as adults we find it difficult to remain attentive for an entire meeting, imagine what it’s like for a child listening to a lesson conducted in their second language!

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught, our programmes put the emphasis on FUN!

To ensure that every element of learning is ENGAGING, FUN and most important of all, EFFECTIVE, we use specially designed word games, drama techniques including, improvisation and role-play, and stimulating discussion sessions during which students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Our revolutionary methods, award-winning curriculum, and dedicated teachers have a proven track record of delivering results while igniting every student’s passion for learning the language…

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Best Chinese enrichment class Singapore

Why Choose Us

Learning at EduGrove is fun at every age and level.

Effective EduGrove Methodology that gets results.

Wide range of programmes to suit wide age range, levels and needs.

Our teachers – they’re the best! Highly qualified, masters of Standard Mandarin and converse fluently in English.

Curriculum closely aligned with MOE syllabus.

Small group sizes and spacious studios.

Strong teacher / parent communication at all times.

One-stop learning centre that cares for your child.

Award winning curriculum and methodology.

Voted by parents as one of the best Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore

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