Our Brand Story:

Our founder of EduGrove came from a non-Mandarin speaking family. He struggled to do well in the subject, noticing how difficult it was to adapt to the traditional rigid teaching methods most Chinese teachers used then.

Even up till today, most Mandarin classes conducted in schools and with private chinese tutor in singapore have a very strict structure. Lessons are usually taught in a dull and rigid way, with a lot of emphasis on memorization, not leaving any room for imagination and enjoyment. This often results in students’ apathy for the subject. This is especially problematic for children, because if they don’t like it, they tend not to do well in it.

Later on, he took notice of how his wife, the other founder and a Mandarin teacher, taught in an interesting and engaging manner. This inspired the couple to introduce a creative way for students to learn and improve their Mandarin. Armed with both business experience and teaching insights, they ventured into establishing EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre.

Through it, they are able to infuse zest and life into learning Mandarin. This is very important for young children, who learn better through interesting experiences than forceful memorization. The couple has since committed themselves to delivering high-quality Mandarin lessons in new and exciting ways!