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What We Believe


At EduGrove, we believe that all children deserve to be nurtured and developed in order to realize their potential. Therefore, we designed a Mandarin curriculum that is flexible enough to accommodate each student’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. We make learning a personal experience, something they can relate to and apply in real life.


Our teachers act as facilitators of learning. We take the time to understand every student’s unique capabilities, and implement our curriculum accordingly. We encourage active participation and open exploration, guiding them towards self-discovery. In addition, we strive to maintain communication with the parents. We update them about the progress of their child and discuss ways to further improve their language learning.


As dedicated educators, we understand that learning is a lifelong process. There will always be new ways to do things better and to help more students. As such, we are constantly searching for improved methods of teaching. Our goal is to foster an environment that is conducive to personal growth.