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Preparing Your Child for Secondary School Chinese!

Does your child often lack an understanding of recent current affairs and possess limited Chinese vocabulary to express themselves fully? Most Secondary School students find it difficult to provide the right example to support their arguments as well.
Here are a few EduGrove tips on how to help kickstart your child’s secondary school chinese preparation!

a) Read at least 1 news article every day! 📖

Read a news article that interests you. It doesn’t have to be from local Chinese newspapers. Most importantly, your child should be aware of current affairs and the latest topics of discussion. Reading is a very important habit that should be incorporated into their everyday lives. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. At EduGrove, we understand the importance of getting our students to read more and be aware of current affairs. That’s why our Mandarin Critical Thinking & Creative Writing curriculum is constantly updated with the latest news topics and even passages that teach moral values.

b) By keeping up with technological times, learning might become more interesting.📲

In recent years, the oral and listening comprehension portion of O’ level papers has been incorporating video and audio news clips as exam topic formats. Encourage your child to listen to or watch news programmes and learn from the pros how to pronounce and enunciate properly. Podcasts and online videos can be a great resource for incorporating Chinese learning into their everyday lives.

EduGrove’s teachers have access to the latest online resources such as e-newspapers and video clips which we share with students during classes. We have also recently incorporated using voice notes and e-worksheets to encourage students to practise beyond the classroom.

c) Debating requires reasoning and critical thinking skills; skills that are useful in exams as well as daily life. 🙋

Debate helps students learn how to articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely, using comprehension skills to back up their stance with evidence, as well as to think on their feet. It’s also a great way to strengthen family bonds, as children have to listen to other viewpoints. This could prove crucial in their exam, as questions might require them to share their views from a different perspective, depending on the topic.

Drama, interactive activities and debating form the backbone of EduGrove’s Methodology. We provide the opportunity for our students to learn public speaking and critical thinking skills as they are often challenged to share their different viewpoints on moral topics through role-play or drama.

📣Testimonials from EduGrove’s Parents and Students:📣

“Thanks to the timely revision conducted by EduGrove, I was better prepared for my Chinese exams and scored 41/50. The EduGrove teacher was able to help identify the type of exam questions that would be tested and the exam tips given were very useful.” 
Daniel Loo, Sec 3 👍

“The classes are very fun and engaging, and through the interactive drama activities conducted in the lesson, Judson is able to have a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese keywords taught. Despite the 1hr long travelling journey from Sengkang to Pasir Ris, he looks forward to attending lessons. I feel that EduGrove’s Wang Laoshi is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who is extremely passionate about teaching. She constantly updates us about his progress regularly. We will recommend EduGrove to his other friends. His SA2 results have improved from B4 to A1 and he will probably start HCL in Sec 2 next year.” 
– Judson Lee’s Mother, Sec 1👍

EduGrove’s Mandarin Critical Thinking & Creative Writing Programme will help your child build a strong Mandarin foundation, a diverse mental library of model phrases to use in exams, and awareness of the current affairs happening around the world. 
Let us help your Secondary School child achieve his/her own personal best in Mandarin. Enquire today!