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What people say

Mum of Alexandre (P6) and Ashley Fan

Both my children attended EduGrove since kindergarten for my son and primary school for my daughter. They fell in love with EduGrove and refused to try other centres after trying a few Chinese enrichment centres earlier. Despite my daughter initially finding Mandarin extremely difficult and lacking interest, she eventually scored an A for her PSLE […]

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What people say

Jester Leow Wei Kai P6

“Classes at EduGrove are very fun and interactive, and I feel that this helps me remember important keywords better. I really like lao shi, as she helps me to clarify my doubts in a very clear manner and helps me to understand difficult terms better. In my recent examinations, I managed to improve from my […]

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What people say

Siew Ern Ze P2

“I love attending classes here. It is very fun because we get to learn Chinese by playing games! The games help me to remember important words and phrases, and drama time teaches me how to use them in proper sentences. I even managed to get 34/40 in the recent exams for Paper 2! I love […]

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What people say

Sophie Oon P6

“EduGrove classes are very interactive, and I look forward to come to class because the activities are very fun. We learn how to use keywords through drama and roleplay during class and it is very interesting. In school, my teacher often has no time to answer all my doubts. Wang lao shi is also able […]

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What people say

Samuel Choo En Wei P3

“Learning the keywords through games helps me to remember them much more easily! I feel that this has helped me get better results. I really enjoy where we sit in a circle and share about our experiences freely and lao shi is able to help us explain ourselves better in Chinese.I managed to score 34.5/45 […]

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The EduGrove Methodology

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught in Chinese Tuition Centres, our programmes put the emphasis on FUN!

To ensure that every element of learning is FUN, ENGAGING and most important of all, EFFECTIVE, we use specially designed word games, drama techniques including improvisation and role-play, and stimulating discussion sessions during which students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

Voted by parents as the best Chinese Tuition Centre in Singapore, our revolutionary methods, award-winning curriculum, and dedicated teachers have a proven track record of delivering results while igniting every student’s passion for learning the language.

At EduGrove, we care about nurturing the holistic development of our students to help them acquire the skills they will need to succeed in all areas of life. And because we strive to be the best Chinese tuition centre in Singapore, you can feel confident that the brightest future awaits your child…

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Best Chinese enrichment class Singapore

Why Choose Us

  Award-winning Curriculum and Methodology.

  Our Teachers – they’re the best! Highly qualified, masters of Standard Mandarin and converse fluently in English.

  One-stop learning centre that cares for your child.

  Strong teacher/parent communication at all times.

  Voted by parents as one of the best Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to attending a tuition centre in Singapore. For one, if you are attending a Chinese tuition centre, you will be able to learn Mandarin in a more effective and less stressful way. No need to memorise for the exam or pressure yourself to learn fast. Moreover, you will be able to meet people with the same interests and interact with them.
Based on experience from our Chinese tuition centre, parents send their children to our tuition centre in hopes that the kids will be able to learn Mandarin effectively. In most cases, the household does not use Mandarin very often and thus, the children develop difficulty acquiring the language. Our Chinese tuition centre serves as a helping hand for parents in teaching their kids the Chinese language.
Tuition, Chinese tuition for instance, is popular in Singapore primarily due to two things. First, the educational system promotes continuous and fruitful learning. Thus, there are many programmes and grants being offered to encourage parents to send their children to tuition centres. Second is that since most households have both parents working, it is common to send the children to a tuition centre after school so they will be able to have better use of their time in a safe environment.
Edugrove is the best Chinese tuition centre in Singapore for young children. We believe that learning language, especially if it is one’s mother tongue, should be done from an early age. Thus, our Chinese tuition centre offers various programmes where very young children will be able to learn Mandarin while playing, interacting with other kids and having fun.
The rates offered by Chinese tuition centres in Singapore may vary depending on the location, qualifications, programmes being offered among other things. Here at Edugrove, we strive to keep our rates as affordable as possible for parents who wish their children to learn Mandarin. Our Chinese tuition centre offers one of the most reasonable and budget-friendly rates in Singapore.
There are over 85 000 words in the Chinese language and interestingly, Mandarin Chinese is regarded as the hardest language for an English speaker to learn. Increasingly fewer families are speaking Mandarin at home and students now are more inclined to engage in English content leaving exposure to the Chinese language to a minimum. Most of the time students now only interact in Mandarin during those 4 – 6 hours a week during Chinese periods. With a class of 30- 40 students in school, the teacher also does not have the luxury of time to cater to the varying levels of students’ ability. This results in too little usage of Mandarin, and even lesser reading and writing of the Chinese language for students to be proficient at it. Moreover, the emphasis on memorization methods of learning often used in schools makes learning the language dull, tedious, difficult and sadly, counterproductive. Memorising the strokes for a spelling test or the meaning of words for an exam takes up a lot of study time but unfortunately, when we memorise something it only stores in the short-term memory part of our brain, we are more than likely to forget it after the test.

We do not want our children to learn Chinese just to pass their exams or to get a better overall score, do we? The Chinese language is now already the second most used language in the world, and as China grows in economic might, the ability to read and write in Chinese will become an increasingly important asset that our children can leverage on when they reach adulthood.

With Chinese enrichment classes like EduGrove, commonly tested keywords are not only revised, students are taught vocabulary and phrases that schools just do not have enough time within their curriculum to cover. Our Chinese tuition centre’s methodology and focus on long term memory retention of vocabularies learnt through discussions, active learning and improvisational drama, ensures that the students not only see improvement in their academic scores, but become confident operators of the language for life!
Research has shown that babies begin acquiring language before they are even born, with the best time to learn a language with native-speaker proficiency is when the child interacts using the language from the crucial years of 0 – 10 yrs old. From our years of experience as Singapore’s leading Chinese tuition centre, we have found that children who have had limited interaction using the Chinese language during their early years, tend to struggle with the Chinese language subject when they get to the primary school age.

With more and more families in Singapore being predominantly English speaking, Mandarin is now more of a foreign language than a Mother Tongue; which unfortunately is the proficiency level expected and the syllabus designed for in schools. Moreover, with both parents at work, many toddlers are often left in the care of domestic helpers or grandparents with little to no structured curriculum that can stimulate the child’s cognitive, language and physical development. Our Mandarin PlayGrove – Adult Accompanied Playgroup Programme is not only designed to immerse 1 – 3 year olds in an all Mandarin environment, it is specially designed with activities and stations to aid the overall development of a child in these crucial early years. Stimulation through play, songs, and art, help these little ones use their body and senses and develop their thinking, intelligence, hand-eye coordination, physique, motor skills, all while primarily acquiring the Chinese language.
At EduGrove, we understand that learning Chinese can be tedious and difficult for students in Singapore, with most schools and Chinese tuition centres focusing on short term memorization methods of learning. Unfortunately, that is not the most effective and ideal way to learn languages because our brain is just not programmed to remember things we memorised forever, as it is only stored for a short period of time. At EduGrove, we want to make learning Chinese FUN, ENGAGING, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE, where keywords and phrases are taught using active play and role playing drama techniques so that they are remembered in the long run. You see, studying alone is not enough because we learn languages in the most effective way when we use them, such as games and improvisational drama. We coax the students into vocalising and applying what they’d learnt, to not only ensure they attain a good understanding of the vocabularies, but also to have the natural tendencies to use it in their speech. We also believe that teachers play a vital role in a child’s interest in learning the subject. As such, we only select standard Mandarin speakers who graduated from the top universities, many of them with Master Degrees in Teaching so that they are not only fountains of knowledge, creativity, and passion but also have a good command of English to help students of any level. That is why parents voted us as the best Chinese tuition centre in Singapore.