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About EduGrove


EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre evolved from a desire to help our students learn Mandarin in the most fun and interactive way – and to be the best Chinese enrichment centre in Singapore.

With the understanding that Chinese as a subject does not have to be boring or difficult, yet often is, our founders set out to change perceptions about learning Chinese, especially among today’s generation of students and parents. Drawing on our founder’s struggles to excel at Chinese Mother Tongue during primary and secondary school, a unique curriculum and methodology was devised to appeal and benefit children of today.

The traditional method of teaching Chinese is rigid, routine and authoritative, and consequently ineffective. It hampers students’ enjoyment of learning and more often than not leads to a loss of interest and poor exam results. Passionate about making a difference, our founders combined their joint experiences with extensive research and a sharp awareness of students’ needs – and in 2013 EduGrove was born.

EduGrove aims to help your child improve his/her Chinese communication skills (oral and written) and to achieve higher results in school tests and exams. We also hope to help non-Mandarin speakers overcome the typical challenges of learning to speak, read and write Chinese from scratch.

At EduGrove we are passionate learners ourselves, regardless of experience and qualifications: we understand the challenges and pitfalls faced by many students. This is why we place so much emphasis on creating a class dynamic that is student-centric and always fun!

EduGrove offers quality Chinese enrichment classes, starting with our popular Playgroup programme at our centres in Singapore, through all levels up to secondary. We also specialise in teaching adults and students studying Chinese in international schools.