Best Enrichment & Learning Schools 2015/16Best Enrichment & Learning Schools 2015/16

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“EduGrove takes the bore out of conventional Mandarin teaching methods and is the beacon of how Mandarin should be taught.

The conventional way of learning Mandarin is through memorisation, but this may not be the best method of learning when it comes to children. EduGrove realises that although no two children are the same, but they need to be nurtured and developed so they’ve designed a Mandarin curriculum that is flexible enough to accommodate respective student’s needs, abilities and interests.  Learning then becomes akin to a personal experience, which results in an eagerness to learn.


Teachers at EduGrove assume the role of facilitators and take a step back from the teacher role.  Self-directed learning is highly encouraged and they will always be there to support students when they hit stumbling blocks.  In addition, EduGrove keeps a constant two-way communication between parents and themselves to better understand how their children’s language learning can be improved even further.


EduGrove offers a vast range of Mandarin programmes for parents to choose from.  From basics, to reading and writing.  EduGrove has your child covered.  The programmes even go up all the way to Junior College level.”

-Parents World (Singapore’s #1 Parenting & Lifestyle Magazine) November – December 2015 Issue 53 Page 99, EduGrove Enrichment Centre is awarded Best in Fun Mandarin Curriculum Category.

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