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Singapore’s Trusted Quality Brand 2015

EduGrove is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Singapore Trusted Quality Brand Award 2015!

The Singapore Trusted Quality Brand Award (STQB) champions brand trust within the industry and confidence amongst Singapore’s discerning consumers. The STQB Award honours those brands that perform exceptionally in their respective line of service. Winners are companies that elicit the greatest loyalty from their clients, partners and end-users, offering uniqueness and unmatchable brand quality.

The award represents the highest patronage of building a trusted entrepreneurial brand. Whilst creating their own entrepreneurial or individual brand, these companies have also earned the utmost respect from their peers. They actively reinvent and innovate to suit the ever-changing needs of the market. Such recognition stems from the pursuit to of excellence, not only to create a strong brand name but to become a valuable brand, and thus be able to soar among Singapore’s elite.

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