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Our Teachers

People make all the difference. And at EduGrove, we make a point of only choosing the best.

Our selection process is rigorous. EduGrove teachers are all talented individuals from top universities, many with master’s degrees. They are skilled Standard Mandarin speakers and Chinese writers and able to converse fluently in English. Following selection, every teacher undergoes a 6-month in-house training period introducing them to ‘the EduGrove way’!

We look for unique individuals, people with that little extra quirk; people who are creative, imaginative and deeply passionate about children, education and language. And of course, they must have bags of energy!

We believe that all our teachers are special – and we think you will too!

Dawn Wang Dong Yue

Head of Curriculum and Teaching

• Bachelor of History - ZheJiang University

Wang Laoshi has almost 20 years of experience as a teacher. In 1995, she graduated in the top 5% of her batch at ZheJiang University, China, after being granted a Superior Scholarship. Upon graduation, Wang Laoshi remained at the university, serving as an Assistant to the Dean and a Student Mentor.

Following a move to Singapore in 1998, and a few years of donning the Kebaya as a ‘Singapore Girl’, Wang Laoshi returned to her first love, TEACHING! She spent the next 10 years teaching at a renowned enrichment centre chain and was the Head of Mandarin EduDrama Programmes by the time she left the company.

Wang Laoshi is one of the founding members of EduGrove and the creator of its curriculum and teaching methods. Her dedication to and passion for teaching is not limited to just her students, as she is also the head trainer of EduGrove’s team of teachers.

Wang Laoshi is a proud mother of two boys and also a seasoned voiceover artist. Listen out for her voice on television commercials and public service announcements!

Xie Lingyun


• Master of Arts in Translation & Bilingual Communications - Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
• Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature - Hubei University
• Bachelor of Management in Tourism and Hospitality - Hubei University

Lingyun attained a Master of Translation and Bilingual Communication from Hong Kong Baptist University. She also holds a Bachelor of English Language and a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management from Hubei University, China.

Having lived in many cities around the globe, Lingyun developed a passion for learning and teaching languages. She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English fluently, and can also converse in basic French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia. Not only does Lingyun possess a forte for languages, but this talented teacher has also attained Grade 10 in piano. Her strength in teaching lies in her bubbly personality. At EduGrove, she infuses every lesson with so much fun and laughter! This allows her to engage her students effectively, making her a favourite amongst her students.

Wang Mengxi


• Bachelor of Arts in Chinese – Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Mengxi Laoshi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese (with a minor in Translation) from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She was a recipient of the Lotus on Water Gold Medal Award for her extensive research on the language development of bilingual children. Mengxi Laoshi, a Singaporean PR, is very familiar with our local education system having attended our local secondary and junior college after her relocation to Singapore from Shandong, China, when she was just 13. She also has years of experience as a private tutor to students in the primary and secondary levels.

Mengxi Laoshi was also awarded 1st Prize (Secondary School Category) for the NUS Centre For The Arts, Chinese Scriptwriting Competition, in 2005. A daughter of a university professor, Mengxi drew inspiration from her mother’s popularity amongst her students. As a result, she always aspired to be a great teacher, just like her mum! Mengxi’s mastery of the Chinese language, infectious energy, fun-loving personality and tireless dedication, translate to dynamically effective lessons for her students.

Ao Shuang


• Master of Language Studies - National University of Singapore (NUS)
• Bachelor of Arts Teaching English as a Second Language - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

Ao Shuang Laoshi graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Master of Language Studies. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hong Kong Baptist University United International College. Prior to joining EduGrove, Ao Shuang Laoshi taught students from Grade 7 to 12 (equivalent to Singapore’s O’level and A’level) for two years in Baotou, China, where she honed her skills and passion to be a great teacher. 

Ao Shuang’s love of sport (she is an avid swimmer, hiker and jogger) contributes to her high energy levels and cheerful disposition, ensuring that all her Mandarin classes are infused with plenty of fun and laughter. In this way, Ao Shuang Laoshi actively engages all her students, cultivating their interest in Mandarin. Ao Shuang says that her students’ success is what inspires her to be a Mandarin teacher, passing on her own passion for the language.

Deng Lan


• Bachelor with Honours (Distinction) in Chinese Language - National University of Singapore (NUS)
• Nanyang Junior College

Deng Lan Laoshi graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Distinction), majoring in Chinese Language. Born in Fujian province, Deng Laoshi began her Singapore education in secondary school.

After graduating from Nanyang JC, she started her teaching journey by tutoring students throughout her university days. Deng Laoshi was a contemporary dancer and keeps active through swimming and yoga nowadays. She is a patient and encouraging teacher, believing that every child has the ability to excel in Chinese if given the chance.

Diao KeJia


• Master of Language Studies - National University of Singapore (NUS)
• Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (Minor in English) - Beijing Language Culture University (BLCU)

Diao KeJia Laoshi graduated with a Master in Language Studies from National University of Singapore (NUS). She was awarded a Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) Module Teaching Certificate in United Kingdom (UK), and received a Beijing Language Culture University Training Certificate for International Chinese Language Teachers in China. She taught adult international students 1-to-1 Mandarin lessons during her one year exchange programme in Nottingham (UK) and also offered after school tuition to teenagers during her Beijing Language Culture University internship.

KeJia Laoshi is an avid traveller, having visited more than 20 countries to date. Her love for Chinese culture led to her learning Chinese Calligraphy and how to play the ErHu (Chinese violin). She even won the Best Performance Award for ErHu in the 2012 Beijing Youth Arts Festival! Volunteering at the Beijing International Airport, Kejia was a tour guide for foreign guests and got to work with several international artistes. Being a passionate volunteer, she provided teaching assistance to children in rural areas and worked with autistic children in Beijing. She believes that teaching allows her to make an impact on a person’s perspective of life. With her sweet personality, she has already won the hearts of the younger children.

Liu Shuang


• Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language - Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
• Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (English) - Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Liu Shuang Laoshi graduated with a Masters in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Nanyang Technological University(NTU) and attained a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (English) from Dalian University of Foreign Languages. Before joining EduGrove, Liu Laoshi started her teaching journey tutoring students ranging from as young as 2 years old to 10 years old for a span of 2 years.

Liu Shuang Laoshi is also known for her patience and calm personality, as she has had experience working with international students and even special needs children. She is extremely creative and has a knack for creating interesting craft projects and unique activities that help to spur on her student’s interest in learning Mandarin.

Liu Ziyuan


• Master of Science in Asian Studies - Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
• Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language - University of Malaya

Liu Zi Yuan Laoshi graduated from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore with a Masters degree in Asian Studies and holds a Bachelor degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from University of Malaya. His academic performance has not only made him the only Chinese national to win the “Most Outstanding International Student” award in University of Malaya, but it has also given him the opportunity to be a student speaker during the 2016 China – Malaysia State Banquet in front of prominent politicians.

With a passion for learning different languages and their rich history, Liu Laoshi is a multi-linguist (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English and Cantonese) whom has lived in a multitude of Asian countries during the course of pursuing his studies. Liu Laoshi is resolved in his belief that if a teacher gives his 100%, their students will be able to reach their full potential under his guidance.

Li Jing


• Master of Teaching Chinese as an International Language - Nanyang Technological University (NTU/NIE)
• Bachelor of Law (Major in Social Work) - Fujian Normal University

Li Jing Laoshi graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Singapore’s National Institution of Education. Her teaching journey began when she started volunteering as a youth social worker in Fujian where she had the opportunity to teach young children and help them with their studies . It was then that she realised her passion was in teaching therefore she decided to further her studies in Singapore to fulfil her dream as a teacher.

Being extremely patient and armed with great observational skills, she is not only able to deduce her students’ needs but also helped her adjust her teaching style accordingly. She strongly feels that children are extremely impressionable and therefore need to be nurtured with love and kindness. During her free time, she enjoys reading research articles about interesting teaching methods that could help her become a better educator.