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Ao Shuang

Ao Shuang Laoshi graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Master of Language Studies. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hong Kong Baptist University United International College. Prior to joining EduGrove, Ao Shuang Laoshi taught students from Grade 7 to 12 (equivalent to Singapore’s O’level and A’level) for two years in Baotou, China, where she honed her skills and passion to be a great teacher. 

Ao Shuang’s love of sport (she is an avid swimmer, hiker and jogger) contributes to her high energy levels and cheerful disposition, ensuring that all her Mandarin classes are infused with plenty of fun and laughter. In this way, Ao Shuang Laoshi actively engages all her students, cultivating their interest in Mandarin. Ao Shuang says that her students’ success is what inspires her to be a Mandarin teacher, passing on her own passion for the language.