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Joline Loy

Li Laoshi graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies with Honours from Nanyang Technology University. Being born and raised in Singapore, she is better able to relate with her students through her first-hand experience journeying through the education system here and what it takes to succeed. During her internship with MOE, she devised lessons adhering to the curriculum and reviewed pedagogies to better cater to student’s learning, enhancing her understanding of the education system as a teacher. She also co-taught Chinese to Primary 2 and 3 students which taught her the importance of catering to students with ranging learning capabilities. 

Li Laoshi was a member of Temasek Polytechnic British Petroleum (TP-BP) Mentoring during her time in school, providing tutoring services to children from needy families, and built great rapport with them through revision sessions and games. Her empathy and passion for teaching were awarded with a Bronze Award under BP International Mentoring & Tutoring.