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Shi Xiaohe

Originally from Shandong Province of China, Shi Xiaohe Laoshi moved to Singapore in 2009 to study in Singapore‚Äôs Nanyang Polytechnic before moving to United Kingdom to complete her Masters at University of Sussex. As both her mother and grandfather were teachers, Shi Laoshi has always been inspired to be a teacher since her secondary school days. After being trained by Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) and having years of experience in teaching Chinese to non-Chinese students in her university days, she still believes that a teacher’s main objective is to instil within her students the passion for the language and thus enriching their lives with knowledge.

With a hobby such as reading historical books and novels, it is no wonder that she is able to remember famous historical quotes easily. Her teaching experience and calm demeanour has enabled Shi Laoshi to thoroughly clarify any student’s questions or uncertainty with calm confidence. She believes that as long as her students are inquisitive, she will do her best to arm them with the knowledge to feed their curiosity.