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Yu Haizhong

Yu Haizhong Laoshi graduated from ChangChun University of Science and Technology with a Master’s Degree in Law and he possesses a certificate in teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speakers awarded by Confucius Institute Headquarters. Originally from Ji Lin province, China, and having a daughter who’s going through Singapore’s education system made him passionate in sharing his knowledge of his mother tongue language to help students improve and advance in their studies. Not only this, he also enjoys seeing his students improve and enjoy their journey in Chinese language learning!  

Yu Laoshi’s dedication in ensuring that his classes are one of a kind, makes him undeniably an amazing teacher. He captures every student’s full attention and builds a comfortable environment for them to speak out their thoughts and to learn from their mistakes. His unique guidance and methods urge students to excel not only in their class but in all aspects of their life. Students just love his energy and jovial personality, truly never a dull lesson with Yu Laoshi!