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Zheng Niqi

Zheng Niqi Laoshi graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Chinese Language and Literature in Nanjing Normal University, China. She then came to Singapore and graduated with a Master of Arts in Chinese Culture and Language from National University of Singapore. In Singapore, she was awarded the 21st Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Awards in Chinese Fiction. This experience has developed her writing skills and further deepened her understanding of how to teach Chinese writing better. Before she joined EduGrove, she did tutoring for Primary students in Chinese, and through that she has developed a fondness for children in wanting to help them grow and improve in the Chinese language.

Zheng Laoshi loves to read during her free time, and is an avid reader of Chinese fiction books due to her strong interest in it. She is a friendly person with an easy-going personality, and loves to interact with children. She loves to teach, and always has the passion to learn, wanting to advance with her students together.