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Our Team

People make all the difference. Hence, EduGrove makes it a point to choose only the best!

Our selection process is rigorous. EduGrove teachers are all talented individuals from top universities, many with master’s degrees. They are skilled Standard Mandarin speakers and Chinese writers and able to converse fluently in English. Following selection, every teacher undergoes a 6-month in-house training period introducing them to ‘the EduGrove way’!

We look for unique individuals, people with that little extra quirk; people who are creative, imaginative and deeply passionate about children, education and language. And of course, they must have bags of energy!

We believe that all our teachers are special – and we think you will too!

Diao Ke Jia

Vice-Principal (Teaching)

• Master of Language Studies
- National University of Singapore (NUS)

• Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (Minor in English)
- Beijing Language Culture University (BLCU)

• Teacher Standard License
- Hawaii Teacher Standards Board

• Qualified Teacher Status
- Department of Education, England

JiaJia Laoshi, as fondly known by her students has been with EduGrove for several years. As one of EduGrove’s curriculum writers, she co-authored our assessment book series,“Step-By-Step Chinese Composition”, “O-Level Chinese Composition Material Review of Popular Topics” and “Step-By-Step Chinese Comprehension”. She possesses a Master’s Degree in Language Studies from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language & Literature Degree from Beijing Language & Culture University (BLCU) in China.

As our Vice-Principal, JiaJia Laoshi is equipped with strong technical skills to design our curriculum, online courses and products. In class, she is a caring and loving teacher whose warmth and sincerity can be felt through the way she tries her best to understand each their unique personality and learning methods. With her motivated personality and years of experience, she has always been one of EduGrove’s most popular teachers.

Huang Feng


• Diploma in Education and Teaching
- Ningde Normal University

Huang Feng Laoshi has an extensive experience in teaching Mandarin across all levels! Being in the industry for several years, she is considered an expert in what she does. She holds a diploma in Education and Teaching from Ningde Normal University in China and a teaching experience of 10 years in various schools and enrichment centres. Her passion in teaching emanates from her desire to set forth a learning experience that would make a difference not only in students’ academics but also in their personal life.

It may also strike you as fascinating that Huang Laoshi transforms whenever she steps into the classroom. From a seemingly introverted individual to an energetic, fun, and innovative teacher that students always look forward to! Huang Laoshi understands the challenges that students face in their education as she has two children. That is why she ensures that the needs and learning styles of students are met.

Tan Chang


• Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language
- Nanyang Technological University

• Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching
- Changchun Normal University

Tan Chang Laoshi holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching from Changchun Normal University in China. She interned as a teacher in one of the Primary Schools in Changchun, China. She also worked as a Teaching Assistant in a training school before she became a Chinese language teacher at a tuition centre here in Singapore.

Tan Laoshi is a nurturing, innovative and empathetic individual. She strives to ensure that all her students enjoy learning the Chinese language not just for academic purposes but also as part of their day-to-day life. Tan Laoshi’s passion for teaching keeps her driven to educate young minds to be the best that they can be. Her creativity radiates through her classes as she always comes up with unique activities to pique every student’s interest!

Zhang Xiu Qin


• Master’s Degree In Teaching Chinese
- Jinan University

• Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
- Yunyang Teachers’ College

Zhang Xiu Qin Laoshi has a strong passion for teaching and is an advocate of life-long learning. She graduated with a Master’s degree in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages from Jinan University and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from Yunyang Teachers’ College. Before joining EduGrove, she started her teaching journey at tuition or enrichment centres in Singapore, teaching students ranging from as young as 4 years old to 16 years old for a span of more than 10 years.

Zhang Laoshi has a remarkable track record of achieving 100% pass rates for all her PSLE and O-Levels students. She is well-known for imparting effective studying methods to her students and helping students regain interests in Chinese learning. She is a friendly person with an easy-going personality, and loves to interact with children.

Ng Shi Hui


• Bachelor’s of English Language & Communications Degree (Honours)
- University College Sedaya International

Huang Laoshi is a passionate teacher with a love to develop inspiring lessons that will capture the learning curiosity of a child. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Communications (Hons) from University College Sedaya International.  Huang Laoshi is adept at creating  meaningful curriculum that meets all educational standards and requirements while engaging the interest of students. Before joining EduGrove, she developed a reading assessment tool for preschoolers to help  the children in their development of the second language.

Working in the education sector for several years now, Huang Laoshi is very knowledgeable and experienced in test preparations and teaching both the Chinese and English Language, making her an expert in both languages. She is a dedicated and energetic teacher who ensures that all her classes will be filled with fun and laughter. Her positivity and enthusiasm definitely makes it a joy to be in her class!