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Why Choose Us

How do you choose the Best Chinese Enrichment Class for your child when there is, after all, a wealth of Chinese enrichment in Singapore? It’s not easy! But here are just some of the reasons why you should choose EduGrove…
Learning at EduGrove is Fun – at every level!
Learning a language doesn’t have to be a chore. That’s why at EduGrove our curriculum is designed to motivate every student’s desire to learn, which means every activity is designed to engage, stimulate and be FUN! And with us, the fun doesn’t stop at school level! From preschool through primary and on to secondary, we make sure that no matter your level, you continue to enjoy the process of learning Mandarin.
Effective EduGrove Methodology that Gets Results 
We use drama, word games and creative activities interactively to excite, motivate and inspire; dynamic learning tools that help students remember more effectively. Students retain vocabulary, phrases and the contents of each lesson because they experience language in meaningful ways that interest them and leave them eager for more. Even ardent Mandarin-haters!
Wide Range of Programmes to Suit Wide Age Range, Levels and Needs 
We are experts with all age groups and know how to pitch lessons appropriately. Whether you are looking for a Chinese tuition class for an older child who needs that extra boost to achieve distinction, an adult accompanied Mandarin playgroup where you can learn together and enjoy quality bonding time, or want to improve your own Mandarin oral skills, our comprehensive range of fun-based programmes covers your needs. We also specialise in helping foreign students from international schools improve their Mandarin. Our ‘Language in Action’ programme is specifically designed to meet their needs and complement the International Schools Mandarin syllabus.
Our Teachers – Theyre The Best!
With over one hundred applicants per year, the selection process to become an EduGrove teacher is rigorous. We hand pick graduates (many with master’s degrees) from top universities who are highly skilled Standard Mandarin communicators – and fluent in English. This ensures effective communication with non-Mandarin speaking families and with students yet to build proficiency in the language.Successful candidates are then required to undergo a minimum of 6 months in-house training introducing them to our EduGrove methodology. The result……dedicated full-timers focused on meeting the needs of every class as a whole and every individual student in their care. Essentially, they take on the role of form teacher. Working closely with parents, EduGrove teachers are concerned as much with the holistic development of their students (self-esteem, strength of character and moral values) as they are with nurturing and improving their Chinese studies.We believe that having highly qualified teachers that genuinely care about their students is what makes us one of the Best Chinese Enrichment Class in Singapore!

Curriculum Closely Aligned with MOE Syllabus
EduGrove’s curriculum is specially designed to help students excel in their Chinese exams. We regularly scour question papers from Singapore’s top schools to ensure our curriculum is consistently updated and always relevant. With particular focus on the commonly tested keywords, oral, comprehension and composition components of papers, when it comes to exams, EduGrove students are confident and prepared and their results speak for itself!
Small Group Sizes and Spacious Classrooms
We aim for big successes but keep our class sizes small. With a maximum of 12 students per group, teachers are able to pay close attention to the needs and development of every student in their care. Teaching takes place in spacious, light-filled studios, equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools, enabling students of all ages and levels to play, discover and thrive in a truly conducive learning environment. Drama segments of each lesson sometimes take place outside of the studio, in nearby sports and park areas, adding greater excitement and depth to learning.
Strong Teacher-Parent Communication
We track the progress of each student, cultivating their strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Regular evaluation allows teachers to adjust the goals for each member of their group according to their learning style. And through updates and feedback after each class, teachers work hand-in-hand with parents to ensure their child’s positive progress.
One-stop Learning Centre that Cares for Your Child!
EduGrove aims to provide a holistic learning approach by helping students build a strong Mandarin foundation which will allow them to reach their full potential in all areas of development. As educators, passionate about children’s whole education, we focus on head AND heart. We help them develop creativity and imagination whilst building self-confidence because we know that mastering a language occurs when a child feels safe, secure and nurtured, sure of their own abilities – and when they love what they do!
If your child requires something a little different from the norm, be it to focus on composition writing or one-on-one oral practice, EduGrove is able to tailor a specific plan to suit their needs. Our teachers will design activities that ensure improvement in weak areas and consistent growth in stronger areas, whilst still benefitting from all the advantages of a holistic learning environment.
Award-Winning Curriculum and Methodology
Widely recognised for our award-winning curriculum, effective EduGrove Methodology and success in meeting the challenges of learning Mandarin, we are constantly evolving and mindful of how best to meet your needs. Be it devising a new programme or opening a new centre, we are excited to take this learning journey with you!