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Chinese enrichment class

Our Programmes

At EduGrove we understand how important it is to find quality enrichment classes for your child, especially when it comes to Chinese. So much rests on making the right choice. As parents, we know that the right choice equates to the best choice. After all, we all want our children to attend the best Chinese enrichment class we can find in Singapore!  And with our comprehensive range of programmes for every age group, we believe that EduGrove offers just that!


We begin with Mandarin PlayGrove, our unique adult-accompanied Chinese playgroup programme, with children progressing through our programmes for preschoolers and primary students, to secondary, Mandarin for adults, as well as our Chinese holiday programmes. And since our foundation in 2011, we have forged a reputation for offering the best Chinese composition classes in Singapore for students at all levels from preschool and above.


We are confident that the combination of our quality award-winning curriculum, EduGrove Methodology and highly skilled teachers, meets the needs of all students, providing them with the best Mandarin enrichment classes in Singapore. And for those who need extra help or who require further practice in weaker areas of study, we also tailor-make supplementary one-on-one classes to ensure every student gets the help he or she needs.


Every programme has been carefully designed to ensure success in exams and the ability to use Mandarin confidently in daily life. At EduGrove, you can feel certain you are giving your child the best possible opportunity to excel in their Chinese studies, as you help them reach their full potential!

Chinese playgroup

Online Class (Singapore)

Virtual Class

• 4 to 16 years

Our Virtual Classes serves as the bridge between classroom and home learning, and ensures that learning continues even outside of the classroom.

All our teachers are effectively billingual, being native Chinese and are able to speak English, and are all to trained to teach effectively on the online platform. Even though EduGrove's classes are not being held in classrooms but through a Virtual platform, our teachers keep each student engaged and focused, through use of drama tools and the interactive elements which makes learning FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE!

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Chinese holiday programmes

Classes For Toddlers

Mandarin PlayGrove (Adult Accompanied)

• 1 to 3 ½ years

As Mandarin becomes less spoken in most Singaporean families, the benefits of exposing young toddlers to an all Mandarin environment becomes increasingly important, especially during the child’s vital early language development years.

Mandarin PlayGrove is an adult-accompanied Chinese playgroup that aims to provide the best Chinese enrichment classes for toddlers aged 1 to 3 ½ years old. EduGrove has specially customised all sorts of FUN and interactive activities, such as Storytelling, Chinese speech and drama, and Art and Craft sessions, to enhance early language development. Each lesson is specially tailored according to the theme of the term to ensure your child gets the best opportunity to learn and grow as in a safe and nurturing environment, all while bonding with their parents or caregivers.

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Chinese playgroup


Mandarin Foundation

Our Mandarin Foundation programme has been specifically designed to prepare your child to cope confidently with the demands of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Mandarin syllabus in primary school whilst ensuring that learning Chinese always feels exciting!

We capture children’s interest in both language and culture from the start. Combining our EduGrove methodology with interactive activities including storytelling, sing-alongs, nursery rhymes, show and tell, drama, tongue twisters, language games, reading and writing tasks and art and craft, children feel inspired, stimulated and motivated to learn throughout every lesson - because every lesson is always lively and fun!

One of the main aims of this preschool programme is to develop students’ listening and speaking skills in a way that inspires them to enjoy learning Mandarin as a natural process. We set out to avoid the typical habit of children growing to hate their Chinese studies. That’s why laying strong foundations during this period of development is so important for future appreciation of learning.

What’s more, if you and your teacher feel that your child will benefit from additional Chinese tuition at this important stage in their preschool education, we will customise one-on-one classes that focus especially on particular areas of weakness. Mandarin Foundation provides the perfect bridge between our Mandarin playgroup programme and your child’s entry into formal education.

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Chinese holiday programmes


Mandarin Speech and Literacy

• Primary 1 to Primary 4

Our Mandarin Speech and Literacy programmes are renowned for turning the staunchest haters of Chinese into students who can’t wait to attend their next Chinese class at EduGrove. The fun, engaging and most importantly, effective, method of teaching used in our classes are designed to re-enforce students’ Chinese studies at school, but also to expand their knowledge of vocabulary and improve their overall language ability. Each week’s lesson concentrates on a different element of the Chinese language exam, i.e., oral and speaking, Chinese composition writing and comprehension. We use exciting games to introduce commonly tested vocabulary and idioms, as well as drama and role-play (effective tools for inspiring creativity and imagination) to help students gain a better understanding of language in context and to help them remember vocabulary in the long term. Every lesson promises to be lots of FUN and very engaging!

EduGrove’s ultimate goal is to see an improvement in our students’ school results and to ensure they succeed in the best way they can. As such, we also provide Chinese composition writing classes, one-to-one sessions and small group Chinese enrichment classes to those who require additional guidance.

Mandarin Speech and Literacy PSLE Preparation

• Primary 5 and Primary 6

This programme is centred around the PSLE Chinese Language examination, wherein we prepare the students for all three papers. Paper 1 (写作) Chinese composition writing (20%), Paper 2 (语文理解与应用) language use (45%) and Paper 3 (口试和听力理解) oral and listening skills (35%). The students take part in topic and picture discussions, vocabulary revision of the past-year papers and develop creative writing skills and techniques to efficiently answer challenging comprehension questions. All these activities are designed to be as fun and creative as possible, to boost understanding and encourage long-term memory retention.

Chinese Composition and Creative Writing Class

• Primary 3 and Primary 4
• Primary 5 and Primary 6

EduGrove’s Chinese Composition Class is designed specifically to help students learn phrases and idioms to apply in their writing, practice with commonly tested/probable exam titles and topics, and to improve their overall creativity and content structure. Using EduGrove’s teaching methodology of using games and role-playing drama to aid better understanding and long-term memory retention, every lesson promises to be tons of FUN and very effective!

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Chinese playgroup

Hanyu Pinyin Programme

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Chinese holiday programmes


Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing (O'Level)

Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing has been carefully designed to facilitate students through the challenges of their O’ and A’ Level exams. With a strong focus on oral, listening and comprehension skills, we ensure that students feel confident and well prepared for every expectation.

Using core texts, we consistently practise analysing comprehension questions, deducing answers from given passages. We challenge students to approach literature and concepts critically, providing them with practical strategies and techniques that help them formulate thoughts and ideas, and most importantly, the ability to express these articulately. Furthermore, we allow plenty of time for discussion and debate sessions, ensuring students approach their oral exams with the ability to converse confidently, creatively and persuasively.

This comprehensive programme uses a range of drama tools (e.g. improvisation and role-play) to help students retain information and strategies in the long term, enabling them to recall frequently tested vocabulary and phrases with ease.

Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing also includes highly enjoyable interactive activities that prepare students with the skills necessary to approach composition writing and comprehension exercises with aplomb!

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Chinese holiday programmes

Other Mandarin Enrichment Class

Language in Action

Mandarin for Beginners (7 to 14 years old)

The “Language in Action” programme is especially designed for foreign children who want to learn basic Mandarin (Mandarin for Beginners) and those who attend international schools in Singapore. As such, we put importance in cultural references for them to gain better comprehension of the subject. Classes are focused on developing listening and speaking skills that allow for good academic performance (International School Students Programme) and proper social interactions. Our teachers are also equipped with an excellent command of the English language, so students need not worry about getting lost in translation!

Mandarin for Beginners (Adult Beginners)

This 15 lesson programme is designed for non-Chinese speaking adults who want to be able to communicate confidently and effectively in Mandarin in a wide range of everyday situations. Designed to be fun and engaging with the use of games, role-playing drama and other interactive activities.

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Chinese playgroup

Online Class (International)

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Chinese holiday programmes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Rome wasn’t built in a day! To become a good writer you need to do lots of reading and writing practice in order to build an armoury of vocabulary and get familiar with a variety of literary styles. A good Chinese Composition Writing Class trains students in time management, equips them with effective sentences and phrases to help accumulate marks, and teaches useful descriptive techniques to help students improve quickly. Attending Chinese Holiday Programmes and Chinese Speech and Drama Classes at an early age will help students build strong foundations in the language and prepare them to be better writers in the future.

The best Mandarin speech and drama programmes in Singapore will include creative activities that engage your child’s imagination, encourage discussion, build their confidence to use the vocabulary they absorb, and be facilitated by very strong language role models. Listening to the best spoken Mandarin in itself will help your child improve their own language skills.