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Classes For Toddlers

Mandarin PlayGrove is a Chinese playgroup and one of Singapore’s most active enrichment classes for toddlers. This one-of-a-kind Chinese Speech and Drama programme for young learners in Singapore captures their curiosity and desire to explore. These are fitting enrichment classes for toddlers since this is the stage in their development when they absorb language and information very well.

It is critical to immerse young children in a rich language environment and surround them with good role models they can learn the language from during these critical early years. Choosing the best Chinese playgroup programme in Singapore will give your child the best start for effective learning.

Created as the most focused Mandarin speech and drama class in Singapore, every activity in our enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore is designed to stimulate sensitivity to the tones and textures of the language, as little ones start developing early literacy skills. Caregivers also learn alongside, building the confidence to reinforce vocabulary and concepts at home. Mandarin PlayGrove’s lively programme also helps build fine and gross motor skills, as well as emotional and social awareness.

As EduGrove’s flagship centre is conveniently located in the Pasir Ris Sports Centre in East Singapore, each term Mandarin PlayGrove makes use of the baby pool, providing exciting sensorial experiences and fun bonding sessions for everyone! This enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore also conducts activities in nearby Pasir Ris Town Park, making full use of this fantastic outdoor classroom, assuring you the best Chinese enrichment class for toddlers.

Language Acquisition at an Early Age
Bilingually exposed infants and toddlers excel in detecting a switch in language as early as 6 months old. They can learn a second language as easily as they learned to walk and learned their primary language and can even achieve native-level pronunciation!

Sets the Groundwork for Social Development and Independent Schooling
Social interaction is tied to many other parts of a child’s overall development, which is why it’s important to start socialisation with other children at an early age. This develops their sense of self, sharing, empathy, confidence, independence, communication skills and making friends!

Fosters Prime Cognitive Abilities and Fine Motor Skills
Stimulating play and drama activities encourages every child’s ability to think, understand, communicate, remember, imagine, and be creative. These also develop their fine motor skills through creating, building, and moving!

Strengthens the Bond and Relationship
There is no better platform that can offer a nurturing environment for both parents and children, provides a quality and positive family experience, and creates a chance to engage in exploration together than our enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore!

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-Encourages the development of motor skills and helps to build nerve connections in the brain.

-Expands vocabulary and familiarisation with language patterns and how words are placed together.

-Improve their numeracy skills and readiness for other math concepts that will be taught in the future.

-Promotes healthy growth, development of better motor skills, and enhances concentration and thinking skills.

-Promotes curiosity, expands imagination and creativity and engages the five senses.

-Stimulates “active recall”, sharpens the ability to understand, and strengthens memorisation.

-Fosters their imagination and understanding of the world around them, instills virtues, and develops emotional intelligence.

-Boosts creativity, enhances hand-eye co-ordination, and identification of shapes, colour and texture.

-Movements of the muscles in the mouth, jaw, tongue, lips and cheeks helps in developing oral motor skills.

-Students get to dress up in character with the term’s theme and revise everything that was learned for the entire term.

Our dynamic Chinese playgroup for toddlers in Singapore is designed to capture the curiosity of our youngest learners at a stage in their early language development when they absorb vocabulary and information about the world around them just like sponges!

Age: 6 – 36 months
Class Size: 12 students
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes



Frequently Asked Questions

With a wealth of enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore these days, choosing the best programme for your child is not easy. You may want to consider a Chinese playgroup or a reading class, or perhaps a camp. These classes for toddlers will surely help your child learn Mandarin fast. Decide what it is you want your child to experience and which enrichment classes for toddlers will suit their style of learning best. At this stage in their development a play-based language programme that considers the huge emotional, social and cognitive milestones toddlers go through will be the most beneficial.

At two, a child’s mind is like a sponge, he can absorb every lesson in enrichment classes for toddlers effectively. This is the optimum age to help your child acquire language especially in a fun intervention like a Chinese playgroup, as they can learn more than two languages simultaneously naturally. If it’s Mandarin you’re looking for, the best Chinese playgroup and classes for toddlers are one that supports your child’s learning through play, the arts (such as art and craft activities, music, songs and so on), facilitated by quality language role models.

This is an exciting year to take enrichment classes for toddlers when young children start to be much more independent. Enrichment classes that encourage exploration – physical, social and cognitive – will support all areas of a 3-year-old’s development. A quality Mandarin speech and drama class or Chinese playgroup for example will help boost their confidence. Enrichment classes for toddlers that include activities which promote teamwork, creativity and leadership. These soft skills are very ideal to learn alongside Mandarin.