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Holiday Programme


Are you searching for a Fun Learning Experience this June School Holiday? Look no further! Come along with EduGrove as we embark on an exciting journey to improve MANDARIN THROUGH PLAY! 

The June school holidays are important breaks for your children to unwind, relax, and recharge in preparation for the rigors of school. At the same time, it’s the best opportunity to work on their weaknesses or boost their mandarin ability in just a short span of time.  Let your child experience all these with EduGrove as we embark on an exciting journey to improve MANDARIN THROUGH PLAY! Give your child a head start this school break with our myriad of invigorating activities specially prepared for every specific level. This serves as an introduction to our various regular programmes and a good way to let your child have a feel of how our classes are being conducted in our classrooms. 

Every holiday, we introduce new themes to make the camps more amusing and interesting! We prepare unique activities to bring out every child’s creativity while being immersed in a Mandarin environment. As our holiday programmes have longer durations than our regular classes, students can do more games and drama that we are unable to do much in regular class timings. 

Throughout our camps, Pre-schoolers get to be immersed in the language that would help them become familiar and comfortable with it through different activities such as singing along to Songs and Rhymes, counting using Chinese Numeric Characters (for the younger students), Story-telling and Drama activities, learning Descriptive & Action Words within the storyline, learning Proper Sentence Structures (for the older pre-schoolers), inspiring students’ creative nature through Arts & Crafts while reinforcing newly learnt words. 

Our Lower Primary Level activities consist of a combination of revision and introduction of keywords through a combination of play and drama to get a head start for the next school term. This will mould them into stronger students in the upcoming school term, and lay a strong foundation in learning the Chinese language. The students practise using newly learnt Model Phrases & Vocabulary through Creative Writing, learn Proper Sentence Structure with Role-Play and interactive Drama Activities to put their comprehension skills into practice, and through Arts & Crafts, students get to create props for their own Drama Presentation.

Primary 5 and Secondary Levels focus more on the PSLE and O-Level preparations and revision of exam components in a FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE approach. The students practice applying important keywords and phrases as well as composition and oral storylines through Role-Play and Improvisation Drama. Through the activities done, students will be able to remember idioms and keywords in the long-term memory, apply newly learnt model phrases into dialogues. Plus, they learn Creative Writing Techniques and Model Phrases & Sentences that can be applied in different scenarios during Composition Writing, and they master to Plan and Strategise how to hit the key points during the national examinations

All of these make our ever-popular holiday programme constantly rated as the best Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore! Our Holiday programme furnishes a platform for your child to reach his/her full potential in Mandarin while having tons of FUN during the holidays. Our Chinese holiday programme in Singapore from Nursery 1 to Secondary Level will surely have brains and bodies buzzing from day one as children learn, grow, establish new friendships, and make lasting memories! 

Join the most popular Chinese holiday programme in Singapore now and experience our revolutionary approach to learning the Chinese language! 


Come along with EduGrove as we embark on an exciting journey to learn MANDARIN THROUGH PLAY!   

Kickstart your school break this June with our 4-day programmes, through a myriad of invigorating activities specially prepared for every specific level, our November/December Holiday Programmes furnish a platform for your child to ignite their interest in the Chinese language, cultivate new skills and amplify their Chinese level during the holidays.    

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N1/N2 K1/K2 P1/P2

P3/P4 P5 Secondary

2024 June Holiday Programme Schedule