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Other Mandarin Enrichment Class

MANDARIN FOR BEGINNERS – Children aged 7 – 14 and Adults

‘Language in Action’ is a unique programme specifically for children and adults with absolutely no Chinese cultural background or previous exposure to the Mandarin language. We have designed these Mandarin lessons for beginners at various levels to suit the needs of expatriate children who wish to grasp the basics of Mandarin, students studying Chinese in International Schools who want to build listening and speaking skills and improve their academic performance, and adults who want to be able to communicate confidently and effectively in Mandarin in a wide range of everyday situations.

Participants take part in role-play, drama, language games and other fun activities, that help them to remember vocabulary and phrases because they practise using them in relevant and meaningful ways unlike most chinese language school. This highly enjoyable and interactive programme also focuses on cultural references for students of all levels in order to gain a better understanding of the subject, enabling them to place language in context.

Our talented educators expertly engage every student’s attention and desire to participate using their lively and inspirational approach to teaching. They are also equipped with an excellent command of the English language, so students need not worry about getting lost in translation!