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Mandarin PlayGrove (Adult Accompanied)

Mandarin PlayGrove captures the curiosity of our youngest learners at a stage in their early language development when they absorb language and information about the world around them just like sponges! During these very early years, it is vital to immerse your child in a rich language environment and surround them with strong language role models – often not possible at home.

That’s why every activity in this dynamic Chinese PlayGroup for toddlers is designed to stimulate sensitivity to the tones and textures of Mandarin, as little ones start developing early literacy skills. Caregivers learn alongside, building the confidence to reinforce vocabulary and concepts at home. Mandarin PlayGrove’s lively programme also helps build fine and gross motor skills, as well as emotional and social awareness.

As EduGrove’s flagship centre is conveniently located in the Pasir Ris Sports Centre in East Singapore, each term Mandarin PlayGrove makes use of the baby pool, providing exciting sensorial experiences and fun bonding times for everyone! The programme also conducts activities in nearby Pasir Ris Town Park, making full use of this fantastic classroom, ensuring you the best Chinese enrichment class for toddlers.

Age/Level: 1 – 3 years

Class duration: 1hr 45 mins

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website-playgrove-number-recognition  website-playgrove-drama  


• Free Play

• Music, Songs & Rhymes

• Body Movement & Gymnastics

• Art & Craft

• Snack Time

• Storytelling & Drama

• Sensory Play

• Water Play

• Outdoor Activities

• Term-end Theme Party

Class size: Max 12 students