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Mandarin Foundation (N1 to K2)

Are you concerned that your child will not be ready for the demands of the MOE Mandarin syllabus by the time they reach Primary school? Is your child losing interest in learning Mandarin? Or are you afraid that they are not getting enough practice and exposure to the language? If these are the problems you are facing with your child, then EduGrove’s Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers may just be the solution for you.

Our Mandarin Foundation programme prepares preschoolers to approach the primary school Mandarin curriculum with confidence. We capture their interest from the start, combining our EduGrove methodology with interactive activities including storytelling, sing-alongs, nursery rhymes, show and tell, drama, language games, reading and writing activities and art and craft.

One of the main aims of our Chinese enrichment classes for preschoolers is to develop students’ listening and speaking skills in a way that inspires them to enjoy learning Mandarin as a natural process. That is why laying strong foundations during this period of development is so important for future appreciation of learning. Boosted by a growing awareness of Chinese culture and its rich traditions, our Mandarin Foundation programmes for preschoolers provide the perfect bridge between our Mandarin PlayGrove programme for playgroup toddlers and your child’s entry into formal education.

Age level:

• 3yrs old to 6yrs old

Class duration:

• N1 – 1hr 30 mins

• N2 to K2 – 1hr 45 mins


• Practical speaking and presentation

• Conversation and idea sharing

• Creative drama and improvisation

• Rhythm and Rhyme

• Speech and language games

• Reading aloud & learning basic sentence structures

• Creative writing skills (for K2 students)

Class size: Max 12 students