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Once preschool children graduate to Primary One, the pressure of school life increases, with certain subjects often proving more challenging than others. Studying Chinese is one of them. EduGrove offers the best Chinese enrichment class for Primary School students to help them cope with these demands – and ensure that the next stage in their learning journey is both a successful and enjoyable one.

Mandarin Speech and Literacy (P1 – P4)

We offer Chinese enrichment classes for Primary School across all levels. Each week’s lesson focuses on a different element of the Singapore school’s Chinese language exam: oral and speaking, Chinese composition writing and comprehension. We use specifically designed games to introduce commonly tested vocabulary and idioms and engage students in role-play to help them put language in context. By physicalising words and phrases, children absorb and retain vocabulary far more effectively than through traditional teaching methods. And drama is a lot more fun!

Mandarin Speech and Literacy: PSLE Preparation (P5 & P6)

This programme centres around the PSLE Chinese Language examination, wherein we prepare students for all three papers: Paper 1(写作) Chinese composition writing (20%), Paper 2(语文应用和阅读理解) language use (45%) and Paper 3(口试和听力理解) oral and listening skills (35%). In this Chinese PSLE tuition class, students take part in topic and picture discussions, vocabulary;revision using previous exam papers and a range of activities that develop creative writing skills. They also pick up specific techniques to help them answer challenging comprehension questions effectively and with confidence. Every aspect of class is designed to be as fun and creative as possible, to boost understanding and to encourage long-term memory. As a one-stop Chinese tuition centre, we believe we offer students the best Chinese PSLE tuition in Singapore!

Age level:

• Primary 1 – Primary 4

• Primary 5 – Primary 6

Class duration:

• P1 to P4 – 2 hrs
• P5 to P6 – 2 hrs 30 mins


• Practical speaking and conversation
• Speech and presentation
• Group discussion and sharing ideas
• Picture discussion and commentary about different scenarios
• Persuasion and debate
• Language games to focus on expanding vocabulary and structuring sentences
• Creative drama and improvisation
• Chinese comprehension skills
• Creative writing

Class size:

• P1 to P4 maximum 12 students

• P5 and P6 maximum 9 students

Chinese Composition and Creative Writing (P3 & P4) (P5 & P6)

Over 20% of students who score an A or B grade in their Chinese main paper (Paper 2) end up with a C to F in their overall Chinese exam. Why? Because they lose most marks in their Chinese Composition paper (Paper 1) which carries a hefty 40% of the total marks for Chinese composition by the time students reach Primary 5. And, as many parents know, a low score for Chinese composition will pull down their overall PSLE scores, even if the student excels in the other 3 subjects. This is why we offer composition writing for primary 3. This program will help your child improve his/her score on the composition paper.

We are aware that parents will be on the lookout for the best Chinese composition class to help their child score in their Chinese composition exams. We highly recommend our dear parents to enrol your child in our composition writing for primary 3 so we can help him/her in Chinese composition subject.

EduGrove’s Chinese Composition and Creative Writing programme set out to avoid these hurdles by ensuring that students, at every level, are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome all the common challenges thrown up by the Chinese papers. We make sure they go into their exams with sufficient knowledge and, as important, sufficient practice.

We’ve scoured hundreds of past exam papers, anticipating upcoming exam content, to bring you the best Chinese Composition class in Singapore with our composition writing for primary 3. This allows us to highlight the most relevant phrases, idioms, essay titles and themes. But, we make sure we do all of this whilst maintaining students’ interest, enthusiasm and confidence in their own abilities. Through drama, role-play, highly original language games and focusing on each individual student’s strengths, Chinese Composition and Creative Writing sets your child well and truly on the path to success!

Age level:

• Primary 3 & Primary 4

• Primary 5 & Primary 6

Class duration:

• 2 hrs 


• Hot Seat Interview (Role Play)
• Group Discussion and Idea sharing
• Persuasion and Debate discussions
• Vocabulary Games
• Creative Drama & Improvisation
• Reading & Writing Techniques
• Art & Craft

Class size:

• P3 to P4 maximum 12 students

• P5 and P6 maximum 9 students


Frequently Asked Questions

Immersing your child in a Chinese environment through composition writing for Primary 3 is the best way to help them through one of the most challenging stages of learning Chinese. Before mastering Chinese composition however they must first be able to listen to and speak Mandarin confidently, and ideally enjoy using the language. As parents searching for the best Chinese composition writing for Primary 3, choose a programme that engages your child in conversation and involves tasks which enable them to express themselves imaginatively, through drama for example. At home surround them with quality reading material, movies and cartoons, that will engage their listening and speaking skills in a fun way.

Composition writing for Primary 3 offers Chinese creative writing activities that encourage imagination, self-expression, the ability to communicate ideas and opinions, and help develop the skills to structure sentences, idioms and individual Chinese script. A quality Chinese enrichment class for primary school students (at an appropriate level) is a good idea to help boost their creative writing skills and prepare them to approach Chinese composition exams with ease. Enrol your child in our Chinese composition writing for Primary 3 or talk to us today for further concerns and enquiries.