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Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing (O’ Level / HCL O’level)

At EduGrove, we take the stress out of preparing your child for the Secondary School Chinese syllabus with our Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing programmes. Our curriculum is designed not only to maximise students’ potential to score in their exams, but also to equip them with strong command of the written and spoken language to empower them in their future career. With that, we don’t just help students improve their Chinese language abilities, but more importantly, we encourage them to analyse and debate on current affairs whilst refining their critical thinking and analytical skills, articulation of points, presentation skills and their power of persuasion.

The ability to analyse exam questions accurately and efficiently is essential to help them achieve higher scores. With Composition and Oral papers comprising 55% of the O-Level Chinese exam, it is vital that students hone their critical thinking skills and ability to coherently express their thoughts and ideas. EduGrove‘s syllabus is expertly crafted specifically to help reinforce long-term retention of commonly tested keywords and phrases.

Our curriculum also imparts various practical strategies and techniques to students, helping them formulate thought and ideas effectively, and enabling them to articulate debatable points during the Video Conversation section. Our teachers strive constantly to challenge the students to think on their feet, drawing out their creative expression through flash card games and a range of drama-based activities including improvisation and role-play. Research has shown that pairing learnt content with drama forms a more creative and elaborative representation which helps to encode the learnt content into one‘s memory more deeply therefore increasing long-term memory retention. Creative drama reenactment places students in familiar everyday scenarios where they are taught how to apply the newly learnt phrases and keywords into their dialogue or storyline.

EduGrove understands how critical it is to choose the best O level Chinese tuition for your child’s learning journey. Thus, we ensure that the secondary Chinese Tuition we offer in Singapore is of the highest standard.

Age Level:

• Secondary 1 – Secondary 4

Class Duration:

• 2 hrs


• Hot Seat Interview (Role Play)
• Group Discussion and Idea sharing
• Improvisation Drama to improve Critical Thinking skills
• Persuasive Speaking and Debate
• Vocabulary & Flash Card Games
• Oral Presentations, Composition Writing & Comprehension Exercises
• Formal / Informal letter and email writing
• Study of different writing style (argumentative / narrative / descriptive / expository)

Class size:

• Maximum of 12 students