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Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing (O’ Level / HCL O’level)

At EduGrove, we take the stress out of preparing academic papers for O Level Chinese tuition with our Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing programmes. Each programme has been carefully designed to facilitate students through the challenges of their respective exams. EduGrove is aware of how critical O level Chinese tuition is in your child’s learning journey. Thus, we ensure that the secondary Chinese Tuition we offer in Singapore is of the highest standard.

Using core texts, we consistently practise analysing comprehension questions, deducing answers from given passages. We challenge students to approach literature and concepts critically, providing them with practical techniques to draw on that help them formulate thoughts, ideas and debatable points for discussion in O level Chinese Tuition.

This comprehensive secondary Chinese Tuition programme in Singapore uses a range of drama tools (e.g. improvisation and role-play) to help students retain information and strategies in the long term, enabling them to recall the most commonly tested vocabulary and phrases with ease.

Mandarin Critical Thinking and Creative Writing also includes interactive activities that prepare students to approach composition writing, comprehension exercises and oral presentations expressively – and most importantly – with a belief in their own ability.

Each student’s success is our success. That’s why we confidently believe we offer the best secondary Chinese tuition in Singapore!

Age Level:

• Secondary 1 – Secondary 4

Class Duration:

• 2 hrs


• Hot Seat Interview (Role Play)
• Group Discussion and Idea sharing
• Improvisation Drama to improve Critical Thinking skills
• Persuasive Speaking and Debate
• Vocabulary & Flash Card Games
• Oral Presentations, Composition Writing & Comprehension Exercises
• Formal / Informal letter and email writing
• Study of different writing style (argumentative / narrative / descriptive / expository)

Class size:

• Maximum of 12 students