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Online Class (Singapore)

Online Classes

Our 7-time Best in Chinese award-winning curriculum has now been specially designed to suit the online setting too, so that we can bring out the best of any student no matter where you are! Not only have we re-written our entire curriculum to cater to virtual teaching, but all our teachers have also undergone intensive online teaching training to ensure that our hallmark FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE lessons can also be experienced via an online platform! Utilising techniques such as role-playing, improvisation drama, vocabulary games, and debate sessions to not only stimulate interests and active participation of students, our methodology, more importantly, ensures that commonly tested keywords and phrases are repeatedly applied both in conversation and written exercises for better understanding and long-term retention.


vc          Student attending VC          Students attending VC


EduGrove’s Online Class Programme targets 3 main groups:


Existing students as an add on 1-to-1 programme.

Our one-to-one lessons are completely customised to target the student’s needs and challenges in the language while ensuring that it is still closely aligned with the national syllabus. EduGrove offers this programme to students who need additional and more focused classes to polish and increase their Mandarin exposure. Through our 1-to-1 classes, students are not only able to address the things that they do not understand, but they’re also able to curate conversations with the instructor in order to incorporate their interests. In addition to this, the teacher can gauge the student’s struggles, progress, and mastery of the language and design tailor-made lesson plans to ensure that he or she aces the examinations with confidence.


Students who prefer having classes from home.

EduGrove understands the daily hassle of commuting to and from the centre especially for those students who are staying too far from any of our branches. Thus, for better accessibility to everyone who wants to join our classes, we have opened our Online Class Programme for all levels. Even though EduGrove’s classes are not being held in classrooms but through an online platform, our teachers keep each student engaged and focused, through the use of drama tools and the interactive elements which makes learning FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE! Many parents have praised our Online Classes, as we can effectively capture the attention of the students and keep them engaged throughout the sessions!


Students residing overseas.

EduGrove now offers virtual classes without geographical barriers! Our online classes focus on students’ real-time education which allows students to ask questions, clarify their doubts and concepts, and brainstorm topics instantaneously, unlike pre-recorded videos that are mostly teacher-centric. Our teachers create a productive classroom environment as they use innovative methods and various teaching approaches.  Our teachers are also effectively bilingual, being native Chinese and can speak good English. We are able to tailor-make and personalise our online Chinese tuition in Singapore to meet the objectives of students of any level. From students taking a Chinese exam and need tutoring to adults wanting to learn a new language to business executives who want to be able to converse with their Chinese counterparts, there is something for everyone here at EduGrove.


EduGrove strives to be the best online Chinese tuition in Singapore as we aim to unlock limitless possibilities and accessibility in learning the Chinese language regardless of your geolocation. Ensuring that our revolutionary approach to make learning FUN, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE is still in place because we strongly believe that everyone deserves a quality education, be it in an online setting!




Age level:

• 4yrs old to 16yrs old

Class duration:

• Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2: 45 mins per class, 2 classes per week

• Primary 1 to Primary 4: 1h 30mins  

• Primary 5 to Secondary 4: 2 hours

Class size: Max 12 students

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What Our Parents Have Said So Far:

Mother of Ning Xin, P4
I think it was a great real-time session! Ning Xin enjoys it! 😊
And Kudos to the Edugrove team for coming up fast with this well organised online lessons! Clear explanations. Well Done!”

Mother of Joshua Tan, N2
“I think today’s class went well. Kids were interactive and the teacher was really good in engaging and capturing the attention of the kids. Josh really enjoyed the session.”

Mother of Tian Yuan, P4
“I feel edugrove has organised the home-based learning rather well!!! Thank you to everyone at edugrove!!! 👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Mother of Gabriela Wong, K1
“Hong xia (gabriela) enjoyed the class too! Thanks Xia laoshi for all your effort in keeping the kids engaged- definitely not easy!!!”

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