Mandarin Speech and LiteracyMandarin Speech and Literacy

SCHOOL LEVEL: Primary 1 to 4
CLASS DURATION: Once a week, 1hr 30mins (P1 to P4)

Once a week, 2hrs (P5 and P6)

Our Mandarin Speech and Literacy programmes are renowned for turning the staunchest haters of the Chinese language into students who can’t wait to attend their next Chinese class at EduGrove. The fun, engaging and more importantly, effective, method of teaching used in our classes is designed to not only re-enforce what is learnt in school, but also to expand their vocabulary and improve their overall language ability. Each week’s lesson concentrates on a different element of the Chinese language exam, i.e., oral and speaking, chinese composition writing and comprehension. Using fun-filled games to introduce commonly tested vocabularies and idioms, while using creativity inspiring role playing drama to help student gain better understanding and achieve long-term retention of vocabularies learnt, every lesson promises to be tons of FUN and very engaging!

EduGrove’s ultimate goal is to see an improvement in our students’ school results and ensure that we get the best out of them. As such, we also provide Chinese composition writing classes, one-to-one and small group Chinese enrichment classes to those who require additional guidance.

  • Practical Speaking and Conversation
  • Speech and Presentation
  • Group Discussion and Idea Sharing
  • Picture Talk and Discussions of Different Scenarios
  • Persuasion and Debate
  • Language Games to focus on vocabulary expansion and sentence structure building
  • Creative Drama and Improvisation
  • Chinese Comprehension Skills
  • Creative Writing
SIZE: Maximum of 12 students