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EduGrove has positively affected the lives of hundreds of students who have walked through our doors. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength, helping staunch Mandarin haters learn to love the subject – for many it is now their favourite! We have witnessed toddlers utter their first words in Mandarin and been instrumental in the success stories of students whose grades have risen from fail to distinction. The support and appreciation from our parents and students is the fuel that inspires us. But don’t just take our word for it…

EJ Tan En Jie P6 (2016)

“The experience at EduGrove was enriching due to the way lessons were conducted. They taught through interactive activities like games and that was how I got from failing to an A in PSLE.”

Mdm Charissa Seet

“I loved our time at EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre. Haven’t met any better teachers than I have met here at this school! Keep up the awesome work!” 

Jayden Lim P3 (2016)

“I have improved my writing skills a lot. I used to get 9/20 for my Chinese composition but now I’m getting 16/20! I got praised by the teacher as I have made a very good improvement. I wish to continue my lessons in EduGrove again next year!”

Mdm Silvia Cormont-Ku

“My 3-year-old has been attending Edugrove since its opening; the owners are welcoming, its environment cheerful and relaxed – exactly how a good learning atmosphere should be.

For us who are not locals and have no family in Singapore, the group of teachers in Yfke’s classes has become such a constant & role model in her life.

Yfke always looks forward to Edugrove; assured that she will enjoy class, and be around teachers who are always ready to listen/teach with joy & warmth that truly come from within.

It is a centre where we know our child can grow as a person & academically.” 

Father of HaoYang and YueYang

“Ms Wang Dong Yue is deeply passionate about children’s education. We have known her for almost 6 years, since our elder boy Hao Yang was in K2 and he is now in P4. Her passion to engage and teach the kids has never ceased.

 She has a wonderful rapport with the kids as well as with their parents. She has many creative methods to make learning fun and easy for the kids. My sons really enjoy going for her classes. She uses stories, games and constructive play to teach the Chinese language. The kids love it! She also provides feedback on every child after every class to the parents so that we are aware what went on during class and how we can reinforce the class learning at home.

I am proud and thankful of the transformation in Hao Yang’s grasp and interests for Chinese because of the experiences he has in Ms Wang’s classroom.”

Mrs Meena Hansen

“My daughters have been fortunate enough to be taught Mandarin Drama by Wang Laoshi for close to one and half years.

The children attend an American School and we wanted to enhance their learning of Mandarin in a fun and engaging way. Mandarin Drama with Wang Laoshi has been the best approach to achieve that goal!

Her classes are very popular with all the children that attend it. There is a constant demand to join the group from parents and children who have heard of the program.

Learning a second language can be quite sterile and prescriptive in a school environment, especially when the focus through the curriculum is reading, writing and vocabulary building. It looked like an impossible task to get the children to speak. With the Mandarin Drama classes, that barrier has certainly been broken as the children happily formulate a script around their theme, create poetry and enjoy the language with actions, movement and speech.

Wang Laoshi does a remarkable job at keeping the children engaged and learning all the time. There is always laughter and happiness in the class. She is so dedicated to the wellbeing of their learning, so knowledgeable about Chinese culture and habits and transfers her knowledge in a joyful manner that completes enthralls the children. Her love of teaching and her love of children – so evident in every single class and we are fortunate to have her as a teacher!

We hope to continue seeing her as long as we are in Singapore. We wish her the very best in every venture. She is truly a remarkable and unique teacher with a wonderful passion for her profession.

All the best always Wang Laoshi!”

Mr Tan Yuen Siang

“Dong Yue, (affectionately known as Wang Laoshi王老师 by the kids) has taught our daughters for over 5 years. It started when we enrolled my daughter Emma in her Mandarin Speech and Drama class. Her initial uneasiness was quickly taken over by enjoyment to attend Dong Yue’s class. In our interactions, I noticed that Dong Yue really makes an effort to understand and connect with all the children in her class as individuals. Her knowing those kids really helps her conduct the class as she has a lot of respect and moral authorities to enable a constructive, happy learning environment.

On top of providing regular updates on the children’s progress after each lesson, Dong Yue also shares with us her observations of our kids. Her holistic teaching philosophy makes me feel like we are working together as a team for the best results of my children.

What I like about Dong Yue is her dedication in educating the kids and her tireless effort to keep the class interesting, fresh and relevant to her students. I am impressed with her true passion as an educator and her love for my children on top of being a true professional in achieving my children’s learning goals. Probably the best evidence of that is her assignments are the only ones my children willingly complete when they miss the class!”

Mdm Sharon Goh

“Only for EduGrove’s Mandarin classes, my child awaits dressed, packed and prompting me to hurry. 

This is a great avenue to explore Chinese outside the confines of a textbook.  In fact, I quote my child – speech & drama makes remembering Chinese words easy. 

I was pleasantly surprised when she scored exceptionally well in her SA1 Chinese oral and listening exams. The high scores which I attribute to the drama and games played during class at EduGrove since April this year helped her pass her Chinese paper. 

Now I just need to find Speech & Drama for mathematics!” 

Neelufer Zahra P6 (2017)

“My results improved from C to A in my PSLE within 6 months! I became more confident in conversing in Chinese with my teachers and friends. I am able to understand more in school after learning new words each week in EduGrove. We also play games related to the lesson of the week and I really enjoy my time at EduGrove. ”

Natalia Ann Ragunath P6 (2017)

When I was in Primary 5, my average results was D for Chinese. However after joining EduGrove, my results improved till I got a Grade B for my PSLE Chinese. The teachers have taught me the importance of enjoying what I learn.

Dayton Ong Kai Jie P3 (2017)

“I used to hate Chinese but after I joined EduGrove, I’ve improved a lot and did well for my exams. Learning Chinese was fun and I became more confident. I would like to thank all my teachers for helping me to achieve good results. Thank you EduGrove!”

Sarah Stakes Yu Ling P2 (2017)

“I like coming for the Holiday Programme, because I love EduGrove.”


Hannah Stakes Yu Fang P3 (2017)

“We learn Mandarin using speech & drama and games. I want to come back for lessons next year too, I love EduGrove!”

Mira Matthews-Charley Mei La P2 (2017)


“I love EduGrove because our teachers care a lot about us! I like the teachers, thanks!”