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Mrs Meena Hansen, Parent

“My daughters have been fortunate enough to be taught Mandarin Drama by Wang Laoshi for close to one and half years.

The children attend an American School and we wanted to enhance their learning of Mandarin in a fun and engaging way. Mandarin Drama with Wang Laoshi has been the best approach to achieve that goal!

Her classes are very popular with all the children that attend it. There is a constant demand to join the group from parents and children who have heard of the program.

Learning a second language can be quite sterile and prescriptive in a school environment, especially when the focus through the curriculum is reading, writing and vocabulary building. It looked like an impossible task to get the children to speak. With the Mandarin Drama classes, that barrier has certainly been broken as the children happily formulate a script around their theme, create poetry and enjoy the language with actions, movement and speech.

Wang Laoshi does a remarkable job at keeping the children engaged and learning all the time. There is always laughter and happiness in the class. She is so dedicated to the wellbeing of their learning, so knowledgeable about Chinese culture and habits and transfers her knowledge in a joyful manner that completes enthralls the children. Her love of teaching and her love of children – so evident in every single class and we are fortunate to have her as a teacher!

We hope to continue seeing her as long as we are in Singapore. We wish her the very best in every venture. She is truly a remarkable and unique teacher with a wonderful passion for her profession.

All the best always Wang Laoshi!”