Mandarin Literacy and Writing PSLE Workshop (Holiday Programme)Mandarin Literacy and Writing PSLE Workshop (Holiday Programme)

AGE GROUP: 10 years old to 12 years old
CLASS DURATION: 3hrs a day for 5 days
DESCRIPTION: This has been specifically designed to benefit P5 students taking their PSLE the following year and P6 students who are already in their PSLE year. The aim of this 5-day intensive course is to revise vocabulary, practice oral, comprehension and composition writing through stimulating activities that will increase the students’ interest in learning Chinese and equip them with confidence to face their examination. Students will learn different written and speaking skill sets with our fun and interactive curriculum. They will be equipped with proven strategies to excel in their oral and comprehension, learn effective skills and techniques to tackle challenging questions and engage in creative activities that will help them improve their composition writing. Snacks are provided for all.
  • Practical Speaking and Conversation
  • Speech and Presentation
  • Group Discussion and Idea Sharing
  • Picture talk and comment on different scenarios
  • Persuasion and Debate
  • Language games to focus on vocabularies expansion and sentences structure building
  • Creative Drama and Improvisation
  • Chinese Comprehension Skills
  • Creative Writing
SIZE: Maximum of 9 students