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21st Century Bilingualism – Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

Benefits of a Bilingual Brain In recent years, thanks to advances in brain imaging technology, neuro-linguists have discovered how specific aspects of language learning affect the brain. It appears that if we are bilingual, or multilingual, our brain may look and work differently to the brain of a monolingual. A 2015 study from Georgetown University […]

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21st Century Bilingualism – Language Terms & FAQ

What is the difference between Mother Tongue, Native Speaker and First Language? When talking about learning languages, we often hear the terms mother tongue and native speaker used, as well as first language. Do we use these terms correctly? Are they interchangeable, and what exactly do they mean? Most people believe that all three terms […]

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21st Century Bilingualism

21st CENTURY BILINGUALISM •  How important is it that children today grow up effectively bilingual? •  What is the difference, if any, between the terms ‘native language’, ‘first language’ and ‘mother tongue‘? •  Are you raising your children within a bilingual or multilingual household? And if so, what have you observed about their general cognitive […]

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The Benefits of Parent Involvement

How is EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre different? You may ask.  Unlike most Chinese enrichment or tuition centres in Singapore, EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre adopts a revolutionary way of teaching which most of us would have longed for when we were all in school. Our award winning curriculum and the outstanding improvements in the subject achieved […]

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What We Believe

STUDENT FOCUSED At EduGrove, we believe that all children deserve to be nurtured and developed in order to realize their potential. Therefore, we designed a Mandarin curriculum that is flexible enough to accommodate each student’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. We make learning a personal experience, something they can relate to and apply in real […]

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How It Began

Our Brand Story: Our founder of EduGrove came from a non-Mandarin speaking family. He struggled to do well in the subject, noticing how difficult it was to adapt to the traditional rigid teaching methods most Chinese teachers used then. Even up till today, most Mandarin classes conducted in schools and with private chinese tutor in singapore have […]

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